Cantex has three product candidates in clinical development:



  • Azeliragon, is an oral, small molecule, Phase 2-ready compound, administered once-daily, that inhibits RAGE interactions with its natural ligands, including HMGB1 and S100 proteins produced by cancer cells
  • Azeliragon was licensed in mid 2021 from vTv Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:VTVT) and was originally in development by vTv for Alzheimer’s disease. Clinical safety data, involving over 2000 patients treated for up to 18 months, indicated a high level of safety and tolerability of azeliragon
  • There has been extensive demonstration of pre-clinical efficacy of RAGE inhibition in animal models of several cancers, including pancreatic cancer and glioblastoma, as well as diverse serious complications of cancer, including cancer bone pain, chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, as well as cancer metastasis.
  • Cantex is planning Phase 2 trials in pancreatic cancer, glioblastoma, brain metastasis, pain associated with bone metastasis, and chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment.
  • RAGE interactions with its ligands has also been implicated in pulmonary inflammatory diseases, including both COVID and influenza pneumonia as well as severe asthma. Clinical trials in these indications are in active consideration.
  • Azeliragon has several issued patents including composition of matter patents that protect azeliragon from generic competition until 2039.



  • DSTAT is a low-anticoagulant derivative of heparin with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • DSTAT, in collaboration with the US Army Institute of Surgical Research, is being studied pre-clinically for its potential to reduce organ failure and increase survival after severe trauma.



  • Blocks mechanisms essential for cancer cell survival
  • A Phase 1/2 trial in relapsed pediatric sarcoma is expected to begin in 2022
  • Other cancers that may be amenable to Dicopp® are under consideration.
  • Cantex owns issued and pending intellectual property for Dicopp®
  • Dicopp® is a 505(b)(2)product
Cantex Pipeline